What to Expect

We understand that you may feel nervous about the first appointment. You may wonder what the therapy process is like and have some questions about what to expect. We have included this section to help you feel more comfortable.

In general, it is a good idea to plan your route to the office and bring change for the meters if you are parking in Evanston (see Location). It would be very helpful if you could fill out the new client form before your session.

If you are planning to use insurance, please bring your insurance card to your first appointment. We are available to assist you in determining a quote of benefits from your insurance company. Usually there is a $20 copay for your visit, but all plans vary and some have deductibles.

At your scheduled appointment time, your therapist will greet you in the waiting room and show you to her or his office. Your therapist will help to make you feel comfortable by welcoming you and allowing you the opportunity to express, at your pace, what brought you to counseling. Sessions are 50 minutes in length and your therapist will help keep track of time so that you don’t leave feeling rushed.

The length of treatment depends on the issues being addressed, your personal response to change, and the frequency of sessions at which you and your therapist can work on goals. Generally once a week meetings are extremely beneficial. We encourage you to talk with your therapist about your specific situation.

Counseling is helpful because talking is something you need to do and friends/family contribute but not necessarily from a neutral viewpoint. Counseling provides a safe place to talk over your difficulties with someone who has trained extensively and has experience helping people. Counseling can bring clarity about decision-making options and provides a healthy place to brainstorm ideas about what path is right for you. Whatever the case, Simply Counseling is dedicated to make the process, well, SIMPLE.

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